When dealing with plumbing in Portland Oregon homeowners often make the same mistake – they think they can handle it themselves. Some plumbing problems like a clogged toilet or balky dishwasher may seem simple, but the wrong fix can turn a brief visit from the plumber into an expensive repair job. Being handy at home can save you a lot of time and money, but sometimes the best way to know you’re doing the right thing is to get an expert opinion.

Plumbing is a skill and trade that master plumbers learn over years of hands-on experience, and a mistake that takes minutes to make can take hours or days to undo. When in doubt, call one of the experts in Portland Oregon. We Do It Plumbing is a customers-first plumbing operation serving the Portland area, so read on to discover the most common mistakes people make with their plumbing and how to avoid them.

The Most Common Mistakes People Make with Plumbing in Portland

The Garbage Disposal is Not a Trash Compactor

Many people throw all food waste down the garbage disposal without thinking about its impact on the blades. Tough, fibrous vegetable waste like watermelon rinds or potato peels don’t get pulped easily and will build until the blades stop turning. This is also a common problem for families where the parents might be maintaining the disposal but the kids don’t know what goes in the trash.

Weighing Down Plumbing Fixtures

This is a common problem with showerheads, when people use them as clothes or shampoo racks. A hanging showerhead has a specific function, and having a heavy rack hanging on it constantly will warp the structure and lead to it snapping off. This can cut years off the life of a well-built showerhead.

Heavy Use of Drain Cleaners

Clogged drains are a common problem in the kitchen and the bathroom, and they’re the top plumbing problem that people try to fix themselves. Unfortunately, they go for the heavy-duty drain cleaners, which can damage the metal and rubber gaskets, causing leaks. A snake or barbed drain-cleaning tool will clear out solid clogs with no corrosion.

Not Using the Right Tools

Plumbers know that specific gaskets and pipes require specific tools. Trying to remove a pipe with an old wrench or pliers is likely to cause breaks, especially if the plumbing is older. This is not only going to need a call to the plumber, but it could also cause a visit to the doctor for a tetanus shot.

Using Too Much Pressure on Faucets

A leaky faucet is one of the most common plumbing problems, and it can cause annoying sounds and a higher water bill. Many people try to solve the problem by pushing back on the faucet, attempting to close the leak through force. This can break the faucet, and it doesn’t solve the root cause of the leak – which is deeper in the system and needs a professional hand.

Not Turning Off the Water

When trying do-it-yourself plumbing, you can find success with simple problems – if you make sure the water is turned off first. Even a job of a few minutes can result in major leaks ruining your bathroom or kitchen floor if the water isn’t turned off. Water flowing out of the pipes onto your hands also makes it much more difficult to reconnect the pipes and end the flooding, and turning off the water only takes minutes.

Don’t Leave It Up to Chance – Call a Professional Today

These simple mistakes can cause thousands of dollars in damages to your plumbing system, and a certified plumber can make sure your small plumbing problems stay small. Call We Do It Plumbing to set up a consultation today.