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Your sewer lines inevitably suffer damage over time. Corroding pipe materials, physical damages due to a sidewalk or driveway repaving, and even trees and vegetation can cause disturbances in underground pipes. You may find yourself with a bit of a mess on your hands, depending on the severity of your sewer line blockage or overall damage.

Professional sewer line repairs require a great deal of experience. If not done correctly, certain repairs may leave you worse off than you were before asking for help. You should know that our experts at We Do It Plumbing are experts in sewer line repairs. In fact, you might consider this to be our specialty and one of the tasks we perform that requires the most skill and know-how.

Sewer Line Repairs

If cracks or holes are present in your sewer line, a repair is recommended. To determine the extent of your sewer line damage, we perform a series of tests to identify where the problem lies. Once we have located the problem area, we use one of four techniques to remedy the repair.

You can learn more about these techniques under the Methods Used to Repair Sewer Lines section on this page.

Sewer Line Replacements

With a sewer line replacement, the entire line of piping is replaced. Sewer line replacements are necessary when the damage to your pipes is too extensive to repair. Just like with sewer line repairs, we use one of four techniques to reach the source of the problem and perform your sewer line replacement. Read on to learn about our techniques.

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Methods Used to Repair Sewer Lines

Spot Repair

A spot repair is a great way to fix your sewer line while managing cost-effectiveness. This method is one of the least expensive, especially compared to replacing the entire pipe. These repairs usually require less digging and are less invasive overall.

A spot repair is an appropriate solution if you start seeing certain signs. Look for backed up or clogged drains, toilet water levels that rise and fall, or sewage seeping into your yard. All of these signs require attention from an expert. Be sure to contact our team as soon as possible if you notice them in your home.

Trenchless Repairs

Trenchless sewer repairs, or traditional trenching, comes in two forms — bursting and directional drilling. By definition, trenchless repairs are just that; trenchless. Instead of digging up your yard to reach and repair your pipes, trenchless repairs leave your yard intact.

Here are common sewer problems that are corrected with trenchless sewer repairs:

  • Cracks in pipes:
  • Pipe breaks
  • Minor pipe misalignment
  • Tree roots
  • Sewage backups
  • Corrosion due to rust


Pipe bursting is a technique that allows us to replace your sewer line without wreaking havoc on your landscaping. This is a trenchless method, meaning we can replace your existing pipe without disturbing the ground.

The process begins by digging a hole in your yard to reach the pipes. This hole should not be confused with a trench and is easily patched up once we get the job done.

Once we have found our starting place, we work to get the new pipe in the ground to replace it in the space where the old pipe once was. By breaking apart the old pipe in pieces and immediately replacing the space that is left with new piping, the ground above the pipes remains undisturbed.


Horizontal directional drilling, also known as boring, is another method we use to repair and replace sewer lines. Directional drilling involves the use of a high powered, heavy-duty drill that creates a path for a sewer pipe.

Just like bursting, directional drilling has a low impact on the landscape, reducing the need for steep restoration costs.

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Professional sewer ejector pump installations

Sewer Ejector Pump Installations

Another popular service we offer at We Do It Plumbing is sewer ejector pump installations. Sewer ejector pumps are usually installed in a laundry room, bathroom, or any plumbing fixture that is installed below the main sewer line.

These systems are often necessary so that waste is properly directed to the main sewer line. Otherwise, gravity may cause a back up in the sewer line and lead to a whole host of problems.

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As so many others have, you can trust our plumbers to take care of your sewer line repair. In Portland and other surrounding cities, we are the preferred sewer line replacement and repair specialists, all thanks to our commitment to serve our community with integrity and honesty.

Sewer line repairs and replacements are our specialty at We Do It Plumbing. We have residents and businesses from all over Portland come to us to request sewer line repairs. Our work is always thorough, clean, and precise. No matter how extensive your sewer line problems are, we’ll find the right solution and leave your yard looking better than before.

In addition to Portland sewer line repairs, we also work with homeowners and businesses in Lake Oswego, Oregon City, Gresham, Vancouver, Beaverton, Tualatin, and other cities. No matter where you are in the area, we can be at your location as soon as possible to repair your sewer line.

You can feel good about working with We Do It Plumbing since all of our workers are professionally trained, insured, and certified. With the right credentials and experience, we know you will appreciate working with any of the members on our team. We strive to make every customer interaction a positive one and always look to exceed expectations whenever possible.

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