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Sewer lines differ from the pipes in your home or business. Main sewer lines collect debris and waste from drains in your home and flush them to the city’s sewer system. If there is a problem within your sewer line, you may experience a variety of issues that can range from inconvenient to hazardous. We Do It Plumbing has a team of Portland plumbers that can address the problem with your sewer line fast and get things back in working order ASAP.

DEQ Certified

Pro Fleet NW is DEQ certified to install septic systems in Oregon. That means that if you need a septic install, we have you covered.

Deals & Discounts

$199.00 Camera Inspections: We Do It Plumbing offers sewer scopes for just $199.00. Once your sewer scope is complete, you will receive a copy of the video footage.

Senior, Veteran, & First Responder Discounts: Senior citizens, first responders, & veterans receive a discount on ALL of our plumbing services.

10-Year Warranty on Sewer Repairs: When you receive sewer line repairs or replacements, a 10-year warranty is always applied.

How Do I Know if I Need a Sewer Line Repair?

If you are not sure if you need a sewer line repair, there are a handful of signs you can look for. Be sure to give our Portland plumbers at We Do It Plumbing a call if you notice any of the following signs:

Low Water Levels

If the water level in your toilet fluctuates, this may indicate there is a problem somewhere in your sewer line.

Slow Draining

If your shower, toilet, or sink drains slowly, there may be a blockage located in the sewer line.

Unusual Smells

Foul odors noted outside of your home, in your bathroom, or your basement can hint at sewer line issues.

Mold or Mildew

While mold can be caused by excessive moisture and other problems, it can also grow when sewer line problems are present.


Any cracks in your home’s foundation, walls, or ceiling can point to sewer lines as being the culprit of the damage.

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Our Process: What to Expect

You may be in the dark when it comes to sewer line repairs. That’s okay — most of our clients have never had to deal with a major sewer problem or repair. We start by locating the break within your pipe. Then, we dig down, fix the crack or break in your pipe, and then restore the landscape. If we need to cut open asphalt or concrete to reach your pipe, don’t worry — we’ll repair everything like new by the time we finish.

Keep reading to learn more about our sewer line repair and sewer scope inspections.

Sewer Scope Inspections

Sewer scope inspections are the most common way that problems with your sewer line are identified and diagnosed. A sewer scope involves using a specialized video inspection technique. A cable with a video camera at the end is inserted into your sewer pipe. The camera is connected to a video monitor, where one of our experts can observe the footage from the camera in real-time. This is a non-invasive and effective technique for determining the extent of sewer line repairs.

Sewer Line Replacement

Depending on the outcome of your sewer scope inspection and the problems observed, you may need a sewer line replacement. When our team at We Do It Plumbing performs sewer line replacements for homeowners and businesses in Portland, we use minimally invasive excavation techniques and strategies.

Our crew members are highly experienced and know that keeping a tidy work environment is important. If a sewer line replacement is recommended for your home or business, one of our Portland plumbers will go over the process with you in detail before any sewer lines are replaced or repaired.

Find out more about our repair and replacement methods HERE.

Camera Inspections & Video Footage

Sewer scope inspections through We Do It Plumbing are just $199.00. This is a significant discount compared to the average rate most Portland plumbers charge for sewer scopes. With our price at just $199.00, you will receive a complete diagnostic, a thorough explanation of the source of the sewer line problem, recommendations for repairs or replacements, and a film of the recorded footage. By offering our customers a copy of the recorded sewer scope footage, we can establish transparency between the problem and the suggested solution.

You can trust our Portland plumbers since the videos cannot be altered or manipulated. You will be able to see exactly what our team sees and know that any suggestions are based solely on the footage taken of your sewer line. Any questions or concerns you have will be addressed and handled professionally. Hire our Portland plumbers to manage your sewer scope from start to finish, and we guarantee you will be satisfied with the outcome.

Trusted Sewer Line Repair Services

Our Portland plumbers at We Do It Plumbing are all professionally trained, certified, insured, and eager to provide each customer with the exceptional service they deserve. We offer our sewer scopes and sewer line services to those in Sandy, Forest Grove, Vancouver, Wilsonville, and every city in and around the Portland metro area. Our crew members are happy to travel to wherever they are needed, especially if you need trusted and precise sewer line repair services.

Our sewer scopes are competitively priced at just $199.00. This means you will receive a complete diagnostic of your sewer line, recommendations for repair or replacement, and recorded video footage of your sewer scope for you to view afterward. This impeccable customer service and transparency is part of what has made We Do It Plumbing one of the top sewer line repair services in Portland.

Our team of Portland plumbers is always ready to take on even the most difficult inspections to help you solve your plumbing issues. We have helped countless business owners and homeowners address their sewer line concerns. Once we have had the chance to evaluate your sewer line, we will recommend the best solutions for your needs and budget. You can count on our Portland plumbers to offer the exact solution you need without adding any unnecessary or unwarranted services to try and raise your overall costs.

Ready to work with a trusted Portland plumber for sewer line services for your home or business? Give us a call. Our sewer line replacements and repairs are always performed by a certified plumber with prior experience. With our flexible scheduling, we can ensure that you receive the on-site assistance you need when you need it the most. From our state-of-the-art inspections to our recorded video footage of your sewer scope inspection, you can feel confident hiring one of our Portland plumbers to take care of your requests. Fill out our contact form or give us a call today to get started!