Gravity is arguably one of the most powerful forces on Earth. And when it comes to plumbing, it just so happens to be a necessity for your pipes. If the stuff going into your pipes doesn’t flow in the right direction with the help of gravity, you may find yourself with some unpleasant plumbing problems.

If your property sits below the main sewer line, a sewer ejector pump installation is almost always necessary.

What is a Sewer Ejector Pump?

A sewer ejector pump is also referred to as a pump-up ejector system. It is used when a bathroom, laundry room, or plumbing fixture is located below the main sewer line or septic line flowing away from your house.

Basements are another popular spot that may require a sewer ejector pump, since fixtures are usually below the sewer lines running to the street.

Sewer ejector pumps are also installed for businesses or commercial buildings.

How Does a Sewer Ejector Pump Work?

With a sewer ejector pump, both liquids and solids are pushed up through your pipes and directed to the main line. The ejector pump sits in a sump basin that is cut and dug into the ground below grade. The sump basin collects and holds nearly 30 gallons of wastewater, on average.

When wastewater fills the basin to a certain height, a moveable float triggers the pump. Once the pump is activated, wastewater is then pumped up the grade to the main sewer or septic line. As the water level drops in the basin, the pump will shut off until the basin fills up again.

Benefits of Sewer Ejector Pumps

Our plumbers will be the first to tell you that sewer ejector pumps can make or break your plumbing. If gravity is working against you, an ejector pump is necessary to fight back and ensure your waste is redirected properly.
A backed up plumbing system is a recipe for a nightmare. An ejector pump will help you avoid the costly and taxing problems that can result when gravity isn’t on your side. We help homeowners install these systems to both prevent and solve plumbing issues.

At We Do It Plumbing, we install sewer ejector pumps for both homeowners and businesses. We also perform repairs and maintenance to ensure your new system is up and running properly year after year.

Our high-quality installations are top of the line. When it comes to sewer ejector pumps, this is one area where you don’t want to skip out on quality. We install the best possible products and don’t believe in selling systems that are anything less than exceptional.

Liberty Brand Ejector Pumps

For your ejector pump installation, we recommend a system from Liberty Pumps. These pumps prove time and again that their quality and durability are unmatched. Overall, our experience using Liberty Pumps has been overwhelmingly positive.

Liberty Pumps are high-quality, innovative products that are built to last. We stand behind their products because they exceed customer expectations every time. To learn more, get in touch with our experts. Or, visit Liberty Pumps website to learn more about their sewer ejector pump models.

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