People rarely want to call a plumber. In fact, these professionals are most often called out when there is an emergency, like a flood in your basement from your water heater tank leaking. However, it is a good idea to have a plumber in your corner, whether you have a plumbing emergency or you just want to remodel your bathroom. Here are seven key tips for choosing the best plumbing companies.

What to Look for in the Best Plumbing Companies


Would you trust your car to an uncertified “mechanic”? Probably not. Do not trust your home to an unlicensed plumber. A reputable plumbing company will be more than happy to show you the license number and proof of licensing of the plumbers they send out to work on your home. With We Do It Plumbing, you can rest assured that our work meets all inspection standards. We are licensed at both the state and local level.


Insurance is another key indicator of the best plumbing company in the Northwest. It protects both you and the company should a worker have an accident while working on your plumbing.

Accurate Quotes

The best plumbing company will provide you with accurate quotes. It is convenient to receive a quote over the phone. However, it takes an extremely experienced plumber to give you an accurate quote over the phone.

Look for a plumbing company that recommends a service technician come out and inspect and diagnose the issue. This way, you will not discover extra problems with your plumbing that need to be repaired and negate your original quote.

Work Guarantee

What sets the best plumbing company apart from the rest is a work guarantee. Ask for a copy of this policy once work is completed. A warranty is an excellent indication of confidence and competency.

Ask if the company you are considering will stand behind their work for at least a year in case anything goes wrong. Whether they offer a one-year, money-back or limited warranty, or some other type of warranty, you want to select a company whose work is backed by a warranty.

Longevity in Business

How long a plumbing company has been in business is a very strong indicator of quality work and high customer satisfaction. Look for a plumbing company that has been around for at least 10 years.

If they provided shoddy work or did not provide excellent customer service, they would not still be in business. Ideally, they will ask each of their customers if they are satisfied after every job is complete and ensure there is nothing else that needs to be done.

Get a Contract

Ask for a detailed description of the work that needs to be completed, the cost of the service and necessary materials and the start and finish dates. If you will be working with a plumber for a remodel or renovation and the finish date is critical for you, make that clear ahead of time.

Make Sure Your Needs are Met

Call the plumbing company you are considering and make sure they offer the services you need. Some companies may offer installation and repair but not maintenance services. Others may only offer repair services.

Informing the best plumbing company in the Northwest of your project is ideal before you schedule an appointment. You do not want to waste anyone’s time by seeking help from a company that cannot help you.

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