If you’ve got plumbing issues in the Portland, Oregon area, hiring a plumbing contractor can be stressful. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about plumbers, and sorting out the professional plumbers from the shady handymen can be the difference between a swiftly-resolved problem and many repeat visits. Finding the best plumbing contractor Portland Oregon offers is an investment that will take the guesswork out of keeping your bathroom and kitchen running smoothly.

Whether you’re looking to unclog a toilet or to overhaul your home’s septic system, the ideal plumbing contractor Portland Oregon offers will put customer service first and work with you to deliver long-lasting work. Having a good plumber on your side can make homeownership a much easier process, and here at We Do It Plumbing we work to take the stress out of plumbing. Read on to discover the most common misconceptions about plumbing contractors in Portland, Oregon.

7 Common Misconceptions about the Average Plumbing Contractor Portland Oregon Offers

Plumbers Will Leave a Mess in Your Home

Sometimes even a good job will get messy, but a good plumber is as neat as they are thorough. A professional plumbing contractor works to leave your home in the same condition they found it and will clean up any products or debris before completing the job.

Plumbers are Sloppy and Unprofessional

We’ve all seen the TV shows of the sloppy, unkempt plumber who comes in wearing a dirty T-shirt and jeans. This is a Hollywood creation, as most certified plumbers belong to guilds or larger companies and will show up wearing work clothes or company uniforms. A good plumber will conduct themselves in a similar manner to an electrician or painter.

Plumbers are Expensive and Run Up the Bill

The shady plumbers who give vague rates and keep delaying the work are the ones we’re helping you avoid. A qualified plumber will have set hourly rates for labor and clear prices for parts. The best way to ensure everyone is happy is to discuss rates at the first consultation and have any extras such as after-hours rates worked into the signed contract.

Plumbers are Uneducated Laborers

This is another Hollywood stereotypes, making plumbing look like menial workers rather than the construction experts they are. Plumbers go to school to get certified and their training includes physical science, electric wiring, and architecture. Ongoing license and certifications are necessary to stay registered, and a classification called Master Plumber is available for the best plumbers.

Plumbers are Hard to Understand

Plumber’s jargon can be challenging for the layman, with many feeling as lost as when they visit a doctor. This is how plumbers are used to communicating with each other, but it’s not an attempt to confuse the customer. If you’re unfamiliar with a term, ask the plumber to rephrase it in layman’s terms and they’ll make it clearer.

Plumbing Work Disrupts Your Household

Unclogging pipes or installing a new system can cause noise and a mess, but the best plumbers are experienced at being as unobtrusive as possible. Except in the biggest jobs, the work should be contained to a single room – most often the kitchen or bathroom. If you give your plumber a timeframe that’s most convenient for you, they’ll strive to be finished by them for minimal disruption.

Plumbers Work on Their Own Schedule

Everyone has horror stories about the plumber who shows up six hours late, but this is more common from the uncertified handymen than trained plumbers. The best way to ensure you and your plumber are on the same page schedule-wise is to work time expectations into your contract.

The Best Plumber With None of the Worries

If you’re looking for a plumber in the Portland, Oregon area, getting these misconceptions out of your head is the first step to building an effective relationship. Contact We Do It Plumbing today to set up a consultation.